Surfshark vs Nordvpn

Surfshark vs Nordvpn In April 2021

Surfshark and NordVPN are two of the leading VPN providers that offer premium services to the public.
The VPN industry is quite a wide range of options, especially if you choose a Virtual Private Network provider. You can even find some free vpn - but for your device we strongly suggest a strong encryption based VPN company.

Which Is Better, Surfshark vpn or Nordvpn?

We strongly prefer NordVPN.

Surfshark and NordVPN are two of the most popular companies that provide excellent services and pretty much unlimited bandwidth. Thanks to the sheer abundance of available information, it won't be too hard in comparing these two giants VPN companies.

When it comes to popularity by advertisements, NordVPN always comes first since it is always seen in TV ads and sports sponsorship and has been trusted by millions of its subscribers for several years now. For Surfshark, it might be the opposite in popularity but rests assured that it is reliable given its excellent credentials and reviews.

Now, let us go into the extensive comparison of their respective features and see what works well for you and which has better features for its customers.

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Quick Review: Surfshark vs NordVPN


  • Number of specialty servers: 1, 700+
  • Number of server countries: 63
  • Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
  • Lowest monthly cost: $2.49
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • Unblocking: Excellent
  • Logging policy: No logs
  • simultaneous connection
  • streaming platform


  • Number of specialty servers: 5, 4000+
  • Number of server countries: 59
  • Simultaneous connections: 6
  • Lowest monthly cost: $3.71
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • Unblocking: Excellent
  • Logging policy: No logs
  • VPN Client
  • simultaneous connection
  • excellent vpn speed
  • streaming platform

Surfshark vs Nord VPN: Which is more affordable?

The pricing of every product is always a major factor for customers when buying. Here is the cost of the monthly subscriptions of the two VPNs:

Surfshark's monthly plans:

  • 1 Month: $12.95/mo
  • 6 Months: $6.49/mo
  • 24 Months: $2.49/mo

NordVPN's monthly plans:

  • 1 Month: $11.995/mo
  • 1 Year: $4.92/mo
  • 2 Years: $3.71/mo

As you can see above, NordVPN is cheaper than a dollar when it comes to a single monthly subscription. However, if you opt for long-term use, Surfshark is quite cheaper and would save you dollars more than NordVPN. Note that the long-term subscriptions would usually require you to pay once for the entire subscription period. Meaning, you would be billed per or two, depending on how long you want the service.

Also, both NordVPN and Surfshark have seasonal discount prices for their services. We suggested you would visit their respected websites and see if you can catch their promo rates or discounts.

The cheaper price: Surfshark

Surfshark vs NordVPN: Which is faster?

A connection speed is crucial in the digital world. It gives no good in streaming or browsing if your connection is slow as the snail. So, let us get into details of how fast NordVPN and Surfshark's speed are.

Surfshark's Speed:

  • Ping local server: 5 ms
  • Ping international server: 68 ms
  • Download speed local server: 391 Mbps
  • Download speed international server: 334 Mbps
  • Upload speed local server: 264 Mbps
  • Upload speed international server: 18 Mbps

NordVPNS's speed:

  • Ping local server: 5 ms
  • Ping international server: 76 ms
  • Download speed local server: 256 Mbps
  • Download speed international server: 148 Mbps
  • Upload speed local server: 379 Mbps
  • Upload speed international server: 28 Mbps

Both Surfshark and NordVPN were put into a speed test to see which of the two VPN is the fastest. As noted above, Surfshark has a better speed test result based on download speed. On the other hand, NordVPN is somewhat higher on the upload speed.

Take note that the tests were conducted without any VPN to set the speed baseline of the two. Moreover, we can see the differences from the results that both Virtual Private Networks providers have a favorably good connection speed. You just have to choose what works best for your online streaming and use.

And since most subscribers prefer a faster speed for downloads when using a VPN, then we'll have to go for Surfshark in this category.

The faster speed: Surfshark

Surfshark vs NordVPN: Which is more secure?

There are few distinctions that you have to take note of between Surfshark and NordVPN's security. Here are they:

1. Special Purpose Servers

Surfshark does not have any dedicated Tor servers (The Onion Router) for Tor browser use while NordVPN has. This is an important feature in every VPN security since it gives the users extra privacy and internet freedom to be able to freely browse through the worldwide network of servers. Meaning, NordVPN gives its subscribers who use Tor browsers an advantage in this feature.

2. Encryption Protocols

There is only a little difference between Surfshark and NordVPN when it comes to encryption protocols. Surfshark uses WireGuard and a Shadowsocks proxy to bypass censorship while NordVPN has NordLynx (a modified version of WireGuard that is more compatible with NordVPN's obfuscated servers) as an encryption protocol. However, these two protocols are not yet considered high-level security since they are still in the trial and are considered to be more of a bypass tool than an encryption proxy.

Moreover. Surfshark includes a good variety of encryption protocols such as TCP and IKEv2 protocols, OpenVPN UDP, AES-256 encryption, and a useful kill switch to protect you if your connection stops. Split tunneling (for Androids and Windows) and double hop are also available for extra protection. While NordVPN has protocol switching, kill switch, top-class encryption, and more for the users to enjoy a more secure connection through a VPN.

3. Blocking Online Trackers

Surfshark is known to be great in its special functions to block online trackers. This would be an advantage for the privacy and security of its users but it won't be a huge benefit as there is numerous free browser extension on the internet that works exactly the same. While NordVPN has its own malicious website blocker that provides an advantage over Surfshark.

The more secure: NordVPN


Surfshark vs NordVPN: Which has a more accurate logging policy?

In this category, let's dig deeper into which of the two VPNs handle its user's data better. We have tackled previously that both VPN good encryption. Otherwise, your data and information will be revealed publicly without your knowledge. Security and privacy are the main reason why we have to discuss this category. Let's know which of the two has good privacy details.

Surfshark's privacy policy

First, Surfshark's main company location is in the British Virgin Islands. This location is an ideal place that requires no strict data retention rules for Virtual Private Network companies. In other words, it does not keep any records, info, data traffic, etc. from its users.

Here is Surfshark's promise to its users regarding the logging policy:

"Surfshark respects your privacy, therefore we are committed to not process any data related to the online activity of our users. Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, which does not require data storage or reporting. We do not collect IP addresses, browsing history, session information, used bandwidth, connection time stamps, network traffic, and other similar data."

Next, it also uses diskless RAM servers that are well set up just like other VPNs. Another privacy feature that Surfshark has is by using a few static IP servers instead of using a dedicated IP address. With that, it gives fewer benefits to its users but it is surely better for privacy than having nothing at all. An anonymous browser is also used as an extra option to prevent your information from leaking online. Through an anonymous browser, Surfshark will automatically send a notification to your email address in case unfortunate circumstances happen. Surfshark is also known for having its anonymous search engines, which is probably beneficial for users who want privacy in browsing the web. Lastly, it uses a cryptocurrency method of paying to make it safer for you not to have to link your personal account. Nevertheless, all these features are also available in several free browser extensions that you can find online.

NordVPN's privacy policy

NordVPN's main company location is based in Panama. This country is also reliable for VPN companies since it also does not require data retention from its users. NordVPN does not heed requests to access data from third parties. Moreover, when it was still previously based n Finland in 2018, it encountered a major hacking incident but turned out that there were no data from its users were hacked. Though it may be disquieting, NordVPN still remains to be one of the best VPN providers that protect its user's data. It has terminated its collaboration with the server farm that held the hacked server as a quick and effective response to the incident.

Here is NordVPN's promise to its users regarding the logging policy:

"Nord guarantees a strict no-logs policy for NordVPN Services, meaning that your internet activity while using NordVPN Services is not monitored, recorded, logged, stored, or passed to any third party. We do not store connection time stamps, used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses, or browsing data. From the moment a NordVPN user connects to one of our VPN servers, their internet data becomes encrypted. Any internet activity becomes no longer visible to ISP, third-party snoopers, or cybercriminals."

Just like Surfshark, NordVPN also uses diskless RAM servers to prevent keeping data to be stored on the servers So, even if someone were able to access the servers, it would be of no use to them since it only acts as conduits. Also, Bitcoin is also available as the mode of payment that can be done anonymously.

The more reliable: Surfshark

Surfshark vs NordVPN: Which has more ideal features?

Both VPN companies provide these features to their subscribers:

  • Servers

Surfshark: 3,200+ servers in 65 countries

NordVPN: 3,200+ servers in 65 countries

  • Simultaneous Connections

Surfshark: unlimited

NordVPN: 6

  • Torrents/P2P support

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

  • Netflix

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

  • Operating systems



  • Logging policies

Surfshark: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

NordVPN: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

  • Protocols

Surfshark: OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, WireGuard, Shadowsocks (proxy)

NordVPN: OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, NordLynx (WireGuard)

  • DNS leak test

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

  • Obfuscated servers which is a great security feature

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

  • Tor over VPN

Surfshark: none

NordVPN: available

  • Dedicated IP

Surfshark: none

NordVPN: available

  • Double VPN

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

  • Kill Switch

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

  • Split tunneling

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

  • Custom DNS option

Surfshark: none

NordVPN: available

  • Anonymous search engine

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: none

  • Email leak notification

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: none

  • Diskless servers

Surfshark: available

NordVPN: available

The most ideal features: Both Surfshark and NordVPN

Surfshark VPN vs Nord VPN: Which is easier to use?

Ease of Use, Appearance, Installation

Appearance and Ease of Use

The ease of use of VPN apps should be easy for everyone to make it more user-friendly. But, take note that everyone has their own choices and preference. With that, we will discuss below the appearance, installation process, and ease of use of Surfshark and NordVPN.

Surfshark displays a list view of all of the available servers that you can connect to. While VPN has displayed a map view by default with the option to display the available list of servers that you can choose from. Meaning, it has an intuitive map and a detailed list of servers. The structure of NordVPN's settings page is also a little clearer than Surfshark. It has an available option to make it 'pause' the VPN connection for minutes, depending on your preference.

Actually, both Surfshark and NordVPN work intuitively for most users. Both are very user-friendly neat options displayed on their respective apps and web pages.

Installation process

Surfshark and NordVPN have a very similar process for installations. If you are familiar with one of the VPN, then it wouldn't be hard for you to switch, in case you want to.

Once you have created an account, you log in immediately to the website and download the appropriate file that you want for your operating system. It should be a (.exe) file that is downloaded. Next, you open the file for the VPN to be installed. Once it is done, then all you need to do is to log in with your email and password.

For smartphones and tablets, both Surfshark and NordVPN app can be downloaded from the provider's website - or After which, you can directly install it from Google Play or App Store.

Right after downloading and installing the VPN app, you have to give the app permission to adjust your network settings. After that, it can be ready for use without any hassle.

Ease of Use Winner: NordVPN

Surfshark vs NordVPN: Which has better customer support?

Customer support is another important factor that VPN users should watch out for. It determines the quality of service that the provider has for you. Moreover, if something goes wrong during your subscription, you should be able to get help from customer support.

Both Surfshark and NordVPN offer 24/7 chat support for everyone. Their customer support agents are able to provide everyone an appropriate answer to your concerns. Both have a customer support database that has the answer to the most frequently asked as well as helpful guides.

However, between the two VPN, Surfshark responds slower while NordVPN was quicker and more thorough in its response.

The most helpful customer service: NordVPN

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Has  Surfshark vpn Ever Been Hacked?

We can find no reports for Surfshark being hacked
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