Bitdefender vs Avast

The most Important Antivirus Comparison - Bitdefender vs Avast for April 2021

The Internet has become a wide, uncertain place for everyone today. Though it gives us so much advantage, we cannot deny the fact that there are also threats and dangers that can attack us anytime.
SonicWall noted that there are around 10 billion reported attacks in 2019, which is more than the world's population.
However, there are software made available for every user that can protect from cyberattacks such as ransomware, malware, virus, and more. These threats usually steal personal information and other vulnerable data that can be publicly released.

But anti-virus software like Bitdefender and Avast are loaded with features that can your devices cyber criminals. So, in this article, we will give you an in-depth review of these two software.

Which is better, Bitdefender or Avast? 

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Quick Overview: Bitdefender vs Avast


Bitdefender is more affordable, gives more value for money when it comes to their plans, and has more licenses for every product.


Both Bitdefender and Avast offer very excellent features. But in the in-depth review, Bitdefender offers more advanced security and performance-enhancing features than Avast.

System Performance

Both Bitdefender and Avast show excellent and equal ratings from independent system performance evaluations.

Malware Protection

Bitdefender is slightly higher than Avast when it comes to malware protection. But both software got great results from the tests.

Ease of Use

Bitdefender is easier to use for both beginners and skilled users than Avast.

Customer Service

Avast ranks higher than Bitdefender in this factor according to two independent sources.


Bitdefender ranks better than Avast when it comes to its security and utility features. Aso, Bitdefender shows a better result from malware protection tests, which is the most important feature, according to two independent sources.

Which is better: Bitdefender or Avast?

Now, let us get into the in-depth review of these two anti-virus software.


When it comes to pricing, a customer expects that a higher price comes with more value for money and advanced services. Let us see who of these two did better.


  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: $59.00/yr for up to 3 devices
  • Bitdefender Internet Security: $79.99/yr for up to 3 devices
  • Bitdefender Total Security + Unlimited VPN: $139.99/yr for up to 4 devices
  • Bitdefender Family Pack: $119.99/yr for up to 15 devices
  • Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security: $$289.99 for up to 10 devices

These plans from Bitdefender come with 3 licenses and 5 licenses for premium plans and unlimited licenses for the Family Pack. Further, all the plans mentioned above are universal, which means, it can be used on all devices either macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and more. 


  • Avast Premium Security: $69.99/yr for up to 1 device
  • Avast Premium Security: $89.99/yr for up to 10 devices
  • Avast SecureLine VPN: $89.99/yr for up to 4 devices
  • Avast Ultimate: $119.99/yr for up to 10 devices
  • Avast Business Antivirus: $36.99/yr for up to 1 device

The entry-level plan from Avast costs a lot more and can be used with only a single device. But just like Bitdefender, most of their plans are also compatible with different devices such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.

Winner: Bitdefender's pricing is more affordable and reasonable compared to Avast. There is also a huge difference between their entry-level and ultimate plans, wherein Bitdefender has an edge over Avast.


A software's features and tools are very critical in every buying decision made by its customers. Whoever carries more features will certainly come off as providing more value for money and satisfaction. Let us see who offers more features to its customers.


  • Bitdefender Free Edition

This can only be used by desktops only and gives malware protection but doesn't have the premium package that is offered below.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

This is the entry-level product that Bitdefender has. It provides Full-blown Protection against all kinds of malware attacks; a Vulnerability Scanner that detects malicious content in a security network and fixes it automatically; an Anti-Fraud Module that gives protection of your transactions; a Password Manager that stores all your personal information from different accounts; a Virtual Private Network that keeps your IP Address anonymous and blocks geo-restricted sites; a File Shredder that permanently deletes all your sensitive files from your device; and a license that can protect up to three PCs.

  • Bitdefender Internet Security

This is the next level product that it offers. It provides a Fire Vault Feature that protects sensitive and important files on your device and gives you the only person to access it; a Two-way Firewall to monitor your home network from online intruders and threat; a Parental Control Module that monitors your children's online activity and restricts their access from adult sites; a Vulnerability Checker that fixes any malicious content; a Webcam Shield and Microphone Monitor that allows you to have the control on who can access your audio activity; and a license that can protect up to three PCs.

  • Bitdefender Total Security + Unlimited Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This is the full-fledged antivirus plan for Bitdefender. It includes all the features mentioned above plus, an Anti-theft module to allow you to locate any stolen devices under this feature; a Performance Optimization Tools to speed the performance system for your online activities; compatible with all devices such as Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS; and a single license that can protect up to 4 devices.

  • Bitdefender Family Pack

This is the extended version of the Total Security suite that can protect up to 10 devices. It also has Advanced Parental Controls to monitor your kids' online activity and provide them a safe space on the Internet.

  • Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

This is a comprehensive plan for all types of infrastructures. It gives protection for physical and virtual desktops and servers, plus mobile devices, security, and anti-spam for Exchange mailboxes. It can also guard against all kinds of threats and attack vectors with proven machine learning, behavioral analysis, and more.


Avast offers different plans for Mac and Windows devices. Let us start with the Windows-only plans:

  • Avast Free Anti-virus 

This plan only provides cursory protection. Only their premium products have Bitdefender vs AvastBitdefender vs Avastfull and ultimate protection from threats and viruses.

  • Avast Internet Security

This plan includes Real Site protection against DNS leaks; a Firewall that monitors your network traffic for security issues; and a Sandbox tool that lets you open files or documents in a safe mode to avoid viruses coming into your system or device.

  • Avast Premium Security

It offers a Webcam Shield protection that secures you against spying hackers; a Data Shredder tool that makes sensitive files and private information to be unrecovered after being deleted; a Wi-Fi Inspector that detects weaknesses in your home and public networks; and Ransomware Shield to protect you from monetary cybercrimes.

  • Avast Ultimate

This is the highest tier of protection from Avast. Along with every tool mentioned above, it also comes with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow you to browse the web anonymously; a Full-blown Password Manager and protector for your personal information; and a High-functioning Clean-up tool that boosts your device's speed.

And for Mac-only plans, Avast only offers Avast Security for Mac. Read more:

  • Avast Security for Mac

This plan includes a free and pro version. The free version offers the basic malware protection and the pro version offers Comprehensive Malware protection from all kinds of Mac-related digital threats; a Wi-Fi Security Scan from threats found in public networks; a wi-Fi Intruder Alert when someone tries to access your network without permission; a Ransomware Shield for threats; and a Web and Email Shields to protect you against cyber threats through phishing websites and infected documents.

Winner: Bitdefender got a higher rank for features because it is more comprehensive across different suites.

System Performance

Good antivirus software should be able to protect your system while having a minimal impact on your system speed. So, let us see how these two companies compete in this area.

Conduction our own tests and also review other sites - both were go in this respect.

Winner: Both software got exceptional ratings from the system performance.

Malware Protection

You know that when antivirus software has strong malware protection, it is surely reliable. This is probably the most important feature that you should check when trying to subscribe to antivirus protection.

Let us look at the test results of AV-test and AV-Comparatives conducted to see how Bitdefender and Avast perform when it comes to malware protection. 

AV-Test conducted three key metrics of all antivirus products such as Performance, Usability, and Protection last April 2020. The results showed that Bitdefender got 6 out of 6 scores while Avast got 5.5 out of 6 points.

Winner: Bitdefender wins in this area since it always bagged the perfect scores while Avast didn’t but still showed a good result.

Ease of Use

All popular and reliable antivirus products have a user interface that is not only fast but also informative as well. An interface is the software’s first interaction with the user and helps create a lasting impression, which greatly helps in customer satisfaction, too.


Bitdefender’s interface has two main portions: a panel on the left side and a screen on the right side. The left panel shows a list of different options and notifies your system status. The screen-side of the interface uses big access blocks to let you start any function.

Bitdefender’s has intuitive and easy to use, which is very ideal for either new and pro users. On the other hand, it also incorporates the functionality to switch to more complex customization for more expert users.


Avast uses a dark, gray color as its main theme and contrasts it with bright colors like orange, purple, and green. Its interface composes a vertical rail on the left side from where you can access the dashboard and overall protection status for your system where you can run a scan.

It also has tabs for the Performance, Privacy, and Protection categories to access easily these features in detail. Some of the features that you can directly access are the Web Shield, Mail Shield, File Shield, and more.

Winner: Bitdefender got a better interface to use since it has an option for beginners or expert users, plus it got a better design.

Customer Satisfaction

Above all else, the features and tools mentioned above are all made excellent because of the companies’ goals to satisfy their customers. It is important today that any company should offer full customer supports in case of any issue. Otherwise, it will bring down their brand’s reputation. 

So, let us see who goes better in satisfying customers.

The feedback rating is from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is an independent organization that gathers customer feedbacks and rates it from A to F. A as the perfect score and F as the failing score.


Bitdefender was got the rated C. Meaning, it has an average rating from its customer.


While Avast got the rated A+. Meaning, it got the perfect score from its customers and shows that it fully supports customer care.

Another independent organization that gathers customer feedback is The website responds and gives a 5-star ranking depending on the result of the feedback.


Bitdefender scored a 3-star rate base on this site. Meaning, It got the average score again on its customer satisfaction.


While Avast also got a 3-star or average rating from this site.

Winner: Avast went ahead compared to Bitdefender when it comes to customer satisfaction. But still, both companies still did a good job in this area.

Essie has 2 children and a passion of hers is teaching them online safety. She enjoys writing about technology and security and presenting complex topics so they can be understood by all.
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