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Our team of experts at SecurityHQ is an enthusiastic and committed group brimming full of sensible security solutions. For over a decade, people have trusted us for online safety and home and office security. Plus more recently smart home advice, and we take that challenge very very seriously.

42 Years

More Than 40 Years

Our combined experience lets us review and report with confidence.


Our reader love of honest and objective reviews


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All About Our Team

We are a passionate team of security experts, enthusiasts.
Bob has worked as a sales and marketing manager for some of the worlds largest tech companies. He brings a real depth of knowledge and is simply passionate about the advances in security technology.
Jake has a degree in technology and have worked in installation of systems for more than six years. He geeks out over testing all security and smart home products
Essie is an experienced copywriter and journalist who loves uncovering the nitty gritty of topics. She is great at writing in a way that anyone can understand
Phil is a passionate writer and technologist. Plus to put himself through university he has worked in the security industry and has also spent time in the insurance industry.
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